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RockSpark CEO Joins PRSA Leadership Assembly

Updated: Apr 17, 2022

Robin Rockey, APR, chosen as 2021 PRSA Leadership Assembly Delegate

RockSpark Communications + Marketing CEO Robin Rockey, APR, served as a delegate at the 2021 Public Relations Society of America (PRSA) Leadership Assembly on Oct. 16.

The annual PRSA Leadership Assembly brings leaders from PRSA chapters across the country together to discuss important issues in the field of public relations. PRSA is one of world's leading public relations associations, counting more than 30,000 members across a variety of industries and organizations.

Robin Rockey serves as Treasurer on the Board of Directors for OCPRSA, the Public Relations Society of America's Orange County Chapter. She was chosen as a to represent OCPRSA President Justine Houston-Brown as a proxy delegate along with OCPRSA President-Elect Patty Conover at the 2021 Leadership Assembly.

"I was honored to serve at this year's PRSA Leadership Assembly and to represent the interests of OCPRSA's diverse and engaged chapter members," Rockey said. "The assembly provides an incredible opportunity for public relations and communications leaders to gather and develop strategies to continue our work to advance the public relations profession."

This year's PRSA Leadership Assembly was held during the PRSA ICON conference. Delegates participated in a spirited discussion and voted on three proposed PRSA bylaw amendments.

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